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Desktops & Touch PCs

The desktops and touch PCs were most mainly used before the 1990s where there was still lack of technological advancement in comparison to today. Before, laptops became widely known to the public in the 2000s as the main computer choice, people used to depend 100% on desktops and touch PCs. In the past, the desktops and touch PCs were much stronger and affordable to the public and there was no alternative to them at that time. Moreover, in the past those desktops and Pcs used to utilize a lot of space whether you put them in your private room or in an office or anywhere. Now, it is totally different and they became more technologically advanced and smaller in size. There are a lot of international high quality tech brands that manufacture desktops & touch PCs like Apple, Dell, Samsung and HP. These giant tech companies spent a lot in research and development in order to increase the rate of buying these computers again.

Desktops Vs. Laptops

The question that is almost searched for or addressed by a lot of people is whether to buy a laptop or buy a normal desktop. In order for this question to be answered correctly, the person must know his/her needs exactly. For example, for what exactly do I need it for, is it for my private use only or is it for my work, am I the only person that is going to use it or my family will use it as well, will it be put in my private apartment or it will be kept in an office. All of these questions need to be addressed before actually buying the machine. If you are the only one who is going to use it and you need it for private purposes only, then a laptop will be ideal for you but if the whole family will use this computer and it will be kept in your house, then a desktop & touch PC would be more suitable. A lot of companies nowadays order desktops and touch PCs for their offices instead of laptops. That proves that these machines are still able to perform as good as the laptops if not better. Their prices now are very competitive as well with the laptops plus their technicality. You can have a look at an advanced collection of desktops & touch PCs like for example Apple Mac Pro One or the Apple iMac 27 or other international brands as well on Jumia.