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If you love to listen to music, you know how important headphones and earphones are. They allow you listen to music or watch a movie without distracting those near you. Headsets are handy when making calls as they come with a microphone for interactive use with telecom systems. Jumia Egypt has a wide collection of headphones and headsets from trusted brands including Plantronics, Bose headphones, Sunweb, Beats headphones, X-Loud and Skullcandy headphones. Shop online from Jumia Egypt for the best headphones.

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Bluetooth headphones are wireless headphones that work using radio waves instead of cables to connect to a smartphone or computer, however, they need recharging from time to time. A gaming headset is used to enhance sound quality while playing a game and they allow the gamer to hear and capture all the sound effects. A bluetooth headset can be used for listening to music and for making calls, too.

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Shop any kind of headphones or headset conveniently with Jumia Egypt. Choose between the over-ear headphones or on-ear headsets from our broad collection of headsets and pay securely online.