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Most Luxurious Smells at the Best Prices!

Perfumes and fragrances for both men and women have been in use since the dawn of civilization. Earlier, perfumes might have been used for the sole purpose of eliminating bad smells. In the modern day though, individuals use perfumes and colognes for various reasons including boosting confidence, triggering senses such as making one happy and even make a statement. Jumia Egypt has a wide collection of both perfumes for women for men from designer perfumes such as Boss perfume, Versace perfume, Givenchy perfume and Burberry perfume.

Choosing Your Perfume and Cologne

Choosing the right perfume might be tricky considering the wide variety on our online fragrance shop. To choose the right perfume though, start by knowing what you like and what you don't like, like does a floral scent excite you or turn you off. Then choose the concentration, basically; as the concentration gets higher, the price gets higher. Colognes and perfumes with high concentration are more powerful and last longer. Whatever perfume or cologne you are looking for, from One Million perfume, Euphoria perfume, Guess Seductive perfume to 212 perfume, rest assured that we have what you need for you to smell like a million dollar. Shop online for our complete collection of perfumes and colognes.