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Azzaro, The Mediterranean Beauty Behind The Perfume

Loris Azzaro is the founder of the Azzaro brand he is a Sicilian who was born in Tunisia so he tried to combine the sweet perfumes of Arabia with the modern techniques of the west and the result was an exquisite brand of the Mediterranean. The brand Azzaro started with and encounter between the couturier Loris Azzaro and the German businessman Richard Writz. They were completely different; one an artist who makes exquisite creations and the other has an industrial background. Their different personalities proved to be fruitful since they have chosen the less expected path and made an investment in the industry of perfumes. For Azzaro, fragrances are ways of seduction; they are made to generate emotions. Moreover, from its inception to modern days Azzaro has been the synonym of the present day luxury. Wearing the right perfume is a big thing for both men and women and Azzaro understands and respects that, that’ why they excel at making their perfumes. Since their foundation many unique creations have come to life by combining the Mediterranean values with the unconventionality of the western world.

Choose your Azzaro Perfume and Choose it Well!

If you are choosing Azzaro perfumes, it is guaranteed that you are buying one of the best brands there is. However buying a great brand is not all when it comes to perfumes in particular. You should always choose the perfume that represents you. In addition, if you are buying it as a gift you should consider to whom you would give and whether they are going to like it or not. There are many well known perfumes made by Azzaro such as Decibel For Men which has a sunny and hedonistic sweet odor. Furthermore, their perfume bottles have a design so unique that you will feel like each perfume has its own character. In conclusion, Azzaro perfumes is a great brand made for unique people. You can buy Azzaro perfumes for men and women at Jumia Egypt and enjoy large selection of fragrances by Azzaro.