Welcome to the world of Genie Points!

How can I enroll or apply to the Genie Points loyalty program?

All our clients are automatically enrolled into the program, there is no minimum spend to start earning Genie Points.

How many Genie Points will I earn?

You earn a certain number of Genie Points for every 1 EGP you spend depending on the type of card you have.

Card Type Each 1 EGP is equal to
Credit Cards
Standard 1 Point
Gold 1 Point
Platinum 2 Points
Debit Cards
Standard 1 Point
Youth 1.5 Points
Titanium 1.5 Points
Platinum 2 Points

How can I redeem my Genie Points?

You can redeem your points by calling our call center 16664 or by sending an SMS with text “Genie” to 16664.

What is the minimum Genie Points needed for redemption?

A minimum of 5000 Genie Points is required to process your redemption request.

How can I know my Genie points balance?

Your card and bank statement will contain the summary of your Genie Points. Alternatively you can call our call center anytime to find out the balance in your points account.

Do Genie Points expire? What will happen to my current points balance?

Genie Points have an expiry of 3 years from the date of accrual.

Can I combine Genie Points on my different cards?

Yes, points earned on types of cards held by you can be combined and redeemed, during the redemption process.

Are supplementary cards enrolled in the Genie Points?

Yes, points are automatically added to the primary card holder.

How can I buy using my “Genie Points” Redemption points on Jumia.com?

You can exchange your “Genie Points” Redemption points for a Gift vouchers that you can use on jumia.com

How can I exchange my “Genie Points” Redemption points for a Gift voucher?

You need to call BNPPE call center on 16664 and they will exchange your points for you. You will receive a call from Jumia.com to confirm your points’ value and will add them to your account.

What can I buy using my Gift voucher?

You can buy any item or items from Jumia.com using your Gift voucher.

Can I buy items with higher value than my Gift voucher and pay the difference?

Yes, you can buy items with a higher value and choose to pay the difference using your debit or credit card in order to receive extra 5% discount from the published amount.

How long is my Gift voucher valid with jumia.com?

The voucher code is valid for 2 months.