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New Home, New Appliances

Home appliances are the most important products to buy when you are starting a new home. Home appliances give you the ability to cook, clean and store food they make our lives much easier and comfortable. At Jumia we have a wide variety of vacuums, washing machines, irons, fans and heaters. So you can find all the appliances you need to live a great comfortable life. We have various collections of fans that fit in any space in addition to many stylish designs. Moreover, the heaters make your home feel warm and cozy and brings back the days when you sat in your grandfather lap and enjoyed the warmth of his arms. In addition, if you have a big home, you can communicate with your whole family with the cordless phones. And what about clean and healthy home, use air purifiers and get purified air with our amazing collection of air purifiers.

Innovative and Versatile

Now a days, home appliances manufacturers’ use innovative designs which look great wherever you put them. So you can put your modern design washing machine in your bathroom and use it easily because of the modern technology applied. The sound is whisper quiet and you will not feel they are even working. You can get all the home appliances you want from the comfort of your home since you can easily order them online and get the full information you want. Another important consideration is that these appliances have low energy consumption so you can save in your electricity bill. With these beautiful home appliances you can modernize your home and bring your life to the new millennium. And you can have all that and more here in Egypt.