HTC Desire 816, amazing design & more content!

HTC introduces a new smartphone that catches the attention and make a leap in the world of HTC smartphone series. With the release of HTC Desire 816 users all over the world have expressed their happiness regarding the new specs and features integrated in the new mobile phone. The new HTC Desire 816 features a 5.5” HD screen that allows you to experience a very special viewing experience; you can watch movies, play games, and display photos on your 5.5 phablet and see it all. The HTC Desire 816 feature a sleek design which makes it fits into the hand smoothly.

Desire 816: Enjoy the finest details

Now, you won’t have to sacrifice the details anymore while capturing images. You will be able to get images with much higher quality and enjoy the most precise details thanks to the 13 MP camera integrated into the phone. The new HTC Desire 816 camera enables you to take vivid, sharp and vibrant photos that allow you to share the unique moments in your life with family and friends, and relive the moment again and again. Also, the 5 MP front camera enables you to take amazing selfies.

Powerful Performance

The new HTC Desire 816 Dual SIM enables you to keep your personal life away from your business one. You will never miss an important call with this amazing feature, once one SIM is engaged the call will be diverted automatically to the second SIM – you can adjust this feature from the mobile’s setting-. Also, the mobile comes with a quad-core processor that enables you double your performance. You will notice a big difference in the mobile response; you will be able to reply to emails, browse the internet and perform many multi tasks at the same time in an instant. In addition, the HTC Desire 816 apps will run faster.

Get it all from HTC Desire 816

The HTC Desire 816 specs are considered to be the strongest among the models released in the same time in both software and hardware. In addition, the HTC Desire 816 price in Egypt is very reasonable for a smartphone that combines the privileges of both a phone and a tablet. Still, some need to make sure it is the best before getting it; so they can compare between HTC Desire 816 vs note 2 – the one that is very similar in specs to the HTC-. Yet, the HTC Desire 816 cons are less than the note 2 which makes it achieve higher sales. You can always check the HTC Desire 816 reviews in Egypt to get clear vision from those who actually bought the phone and used it. HTC Desire 816 colors available are white and black. Last but not least, HTC Desire 816 2014 is considered to be the best among the others that have been released the same year, so get it now and do not waste any more time.