Nexus 9 – Designed for you!

Google introduces to you in collaboration with HTC, the new Nexus Tablet 9! HTC Nexus 9 is Google’s latest tablet version that comes with their sweetest OS “Android 5”. With you in our mind, our developers have been working hard to make all your dreams come true with this new Tablet. Google Nexus 9 features a slim and light tablet that fits into your hands smoothly. You won’t be able to put it down!

Nexus 9 – Now in Egypt

Nexus 9 2014 comes with a very simple yet stylish design, as it features plastic back cover with metal sides. Such a combination grants the Nexus 9 tablet an outstanding appearance that catches the eyes immediately. Not only the device’s design that alters one’s mind; but also its amazing specifications. Let’s have a look together at some of Nexus 9 Specs:

Bigger Display, Better View:

Comparing Nexus 9 vs Nexus 7, you can find that the main difference lies in Nexus 9 display size. The tablet comes with 8.9” screen which is big enough to watch, play in addition to finishing your work; and at the same time small enough to carry it around effortlessly. Moreover, the tablet new screen will enable you to get rid of all types of screen protectors thanks to the tablet’s anti-scratch Corning Gorilla Glass 3 screen. Also, the high resolution of the device’s screen brings the true-to-life colors onto your own screen. You won’t be able to tell whether it’s a natural portrait or your tablet’s screen.

Vibrant Sound:

Now you can listen to your favorite tracks and feel like you are in real life concert thanks to Nexus 9 4G HTC BoomSound speaker. The Boomsound speaker is a stereo speaker that has been improved with a larger amplifier, an up-to-date DSP and larger enclosure to provide you with the best sound quality ever. And this has been approved in Nexus 9 reviews.

Powerful Performance:

Now you can play, entertain and work on your tablet equally, the tablet’s performance will always be the same powerful & Fast. Nexus 9 Accessories available makes life so much easier, the sold separately magnetically attached keyboard allows you to type quickly at different angles! With this awesome piece you won’t need you laptop anymore; this two in one device will meet all your needs and much more. What is more, you can use the Nexus 9 camera to take amazing pics of every memorable moment of your life. You can have all this at amazing prices as usual with Google devices

Nexus 9 release date is not yet determined by Google, though the “Nexus 9 Pre order” is now available. Users all around the world are waiting for this awesome device, especially Egyptians. And it is expected that the Nexus 9 price in Egypt will not be different from the global one, like what happened with its preceding. Nexus 9 gsmarena specs and other rumors made many users enthusiastic about holding the tablet in their hands and try it for real. The tablet will be available in three different colors: Nexus 9 White, Black & Gold; and two different capacities: Nexus 9 16GB & Nexus 9 32GB. Jumia Egypt is among the first online stores that will bring you your Nexus, so stay tuned to be among the first to buy Nexus 9 online. Many are waiting to buy Nexus 9 in Egypt, however, only few will be able to get it so be the first to have it.