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Everything Changes with the iPad

In recent years, our growing need for connectivity came as a result of being able to have worldwide Internet access. Through smartphones and laptops, communities have evolved into a world where internet access is essential. Today, the invention of the Apple iPad revolutionized our mobility and connectivity. They facilitated the access of our multimedia content and made it easier to connect to the internet than with laptops. The effectiveness of iPads have surpassed those of mobile phones due to their highly intelligent interface that makes it easier for you to look up and store information.

Shop at Jumia for the latest in iPad technology and choose from the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 that feature the new iOS 8, which push the previously known limits of what your device can do.

One Device Fits All

The answer is because it’s the best way to do your daily tasks. iPads have surpassed the function of a basic device. It is a camera, a movie theater, a library, a game center, it’s everything you want it to be. There are countless apps on the Apple store so whatever you are looking to do, you will find an app that can help you do it better. Apps for iPad are tailored specifically for that device and so your screen will not be stretched out, but fitted perfectly for your enjoyment.

All iPads come with either WiFi connectivity or WiFi and 3G connectivity. However, iPad 4 & iPad Air are the only tablets in the market that works with 4G network connectivity. There are many models of iPads and these are the most well-known and loved ones. iPad 2, which is the tablet that caused a huge leap in the world of technology with its dual core A5 chip, the thing that gives it ultimate speed and power. People fell in love with it and its power not knowing that the iPad 3 and 4 will come with even greater chip which is the Dual-core A6X, with quad-core graphics, a unique and powerful chip for graphics and games that give you a chance to live in your own world of games and movies. It’s not just about the power and connectivity, storage is something to always keep in mind. Jumia Egypt offers you a wide range of memory space ranging from 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, all the way to 128GB.