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iPods and mp3 players, Love Your Music

After the tape, the cd and the minidisc player, the mp3, mp4 and mp5 players have completely changed the way to listen music. Forget the big cd-player! Today’s iPods impress by their ultra-small size and their sleek look. Either based on flash technology or equipped with their own hard drive, mp3 players can sometimes store thousands of songs. The storage capacity of these powerful electronic devices is becoming more and more gigantic, which makes of these devices must have products. Many brands such as Sony and Samsung make highly trusted music players to all music lovers. These brands make the best mp3 players in the market, people love to buy mp3 players online specially if they are made by these trusted brands.

The iPod revolution!

The invention of the iPod has completely changed our way to listen to our favourite music. From the big white box to the small iPod shuffle, each version of the iPod has brought new innovative features.
The first main innovation of the ipod was the clickwheel, which enables the user to browse easily among its music library. In addition to that, Apple’s software “iTunes” organizes and plays digital music and gives access to a rich music library based on the Internet. You can now find a whole range of different models. Follow the guide to make the best choice at the best prices on Jumia Egypt!

The iPod Touch: much more than an iPod

The iPod Touch, also called “iTouch” by analogy with the iPhone, has a touch screen working with HD Technology Retina. As one of the latest iPhone it enables you to take pictures and shoot movies in HD. It I also equipped with a sensor backside light, which allows you to take pictures and videos of high quality. Thanks to the integrated cameras and the application Facetime, the iPod Touch 5 also offers the possibility to make video call.

iPod Nano: small but powerful!

The iPod Nano possesses a multi-touch screen, which allows you to have instant and intuitive access to all its functions: with the clickwheel browse in your music library, shake it if you want to activate the shuffle mode, connect it on your Stereo… The iPod Nano is very talented and ultra sleek!

iPod Shuffle: robust and smart!

The iPod Shuffle is a must-have! It is the smallest of the iPod family but is powerful in many ways. Easily transportable, it is also very solid and has high autonomy. Made from a single piece of aluminium, it offers a 15 hours autonomy and has a capacity of 2 GB (about 500 songs). iPod Shuffle is perfect for small budgets!