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Jumia announces the launch of Agu, Jumia’s First Fashion Label

Cairo Hub

"Jumia Egypt, the e-commerce leader in Egypt and Africa and the first African company to win an award at the World Online Retail Awards 2013 in Paris as the “Best New Retail Launch” of the year, launched its first fashion label, Agu. The collection is the perfect mix between basics and trendy pieces; it is comfortable and fit. All items are exclusively available on Jumia for purchase, which makes it even more unique."

Jumia Turns Two!

Cairo Hub

"Jumia, Africa’s leading online shopping destination, celebrated their second anniversary in a wonderful event held at Mena House hotel. Jumia Egypt is the leader e-commerce in Egypt. Customers across the continent can shop from the great high quality products at affordable prices – offering everything from fashion, consumer electronics, home appliances to beauty products. It was such a wonderful night of music and fashion."


Cairo Gossip

"Cairo's best-dressed came out in droves this week for Jumia's anniversary celebrations at Mena House to make smalltalk, pose and mercilessly judge others, while gulping down sparkling wine. With Amr Hosny providing music at the glitzy gala and a peculiar dancing runway show, there was certainly plenty to see, do and hesitantly applaud. Happy Birthday, Jumia!"


Cairo Scene

"Two years ago (almost) to the day, Jumia took the Egyptian shopping world by storm by coming out as the first comprehensive online shopping site catering to an Egyptian clientele. Taking Egyptians' inherent love for shopping off the loud, crowded streets of Cairo (and elsewhere) and providing delivery right to the comfort of your home, the site revolutionised the way we shop, and is only set to get bigger."

Jumia announces the launch of Jumia Chic Fashion Blog


"Jumia Egypt, the e-commerce leader in Egypt and Africa announces the launch of Jumia Chic, its new fashion blog at www.jumiachic.com , which will bring together all facets of high fashion and lifestyle with one click. Jumia chic is set to be the new online fashion and beauty destination, brought to the readers by Jumia Egypt."

Jumia Chic

Vichi Blog

"I know some of you have seen the photos of that event a couple of days ago and were wondering what was that? Actually some people went ahead and asked me, for those of you who didn’t, I thought I should just share it.
So, Jumia Egypt; the online store just launched its brand new fashion blog not only for women, but also for men. We were invited to kind of a cocktail party at the Lemon Tree. Personally speaking, I had a really good time, I know people looked like they were having fun too. We took a lot of pictures, got to talk about all Jumia’s future activities and there was also thing fashion debate going on later in the day."

Jumia Chic: Our First Impressions

Cairo Hub

"In a time when almost everyone can snap photos of their #OOTD and call themselves a fashion blogger, to find a fashion destination where you can actually find REAL fashion bloggers to give you tips is simply wonderful, as they are setting the tone for the industry.
Jumia Egypt Fashion never fails to impress us, yesterday we were lucky enough to be invited to Jumia Chic launch, the event took place in the Lemon Tree & Co., Zamalek with a great Nile view, and the staff was welcoming and friendly."

Shop Like an e-Gyptian


"EGYPT should be fertile ground for e-commerce. Hellish traffic in its cities and an undeveloped retail sector in many parts of the country make online shopping an attractive option. And Egyptians have long been accustomed to having things delivered, particularly food. In medieval times fires used to heat the public baths also served to cook foul, a traditional dish of brown beans, which was then dispatched to locals. Today many convenience stores, pharmacists, tailors and even hairdressers are in the delivery business."

Jumia Egypt signs deal with Mobinil


"Egypt’s number one online retailer Jumia has announced a partnership with mobile provider Mobinil to sell its products in Mobinil’s retail stores and offer the operator’s services to its customers.

Jumia tries to vault Africa from street market to e-market


"The online retailer Jumia, a would-be African Amazon, is betting that it can propel the continent's rising middle class consumers out of the street markets and straight onto its websites, missing out the department stores and shopping malls in between."

Managing Director of Jumia Egypt: Egyptians are always eager to try something new

Daily News

" The Daily News Egypt spoke to Jeremy Doutte, one of the co-founders and managing directors of online shopping retailer Jumia Egypt, which has been online for a year. Doutte, who has more than nine years of work experience spanning across various industries including auditing, investment banking and consulting, and two years in the e-commerce industry, started working with Jumia Egypt in October 2012.

"The famous German company, Rocket Internet have been heavily investing worldwide in promoting and gaining market share of the e-commerce industry. While the company in recent times is targeting developing countries, it makes no exceptions in targeting Egypt. Although, with the political turmoil in place and lack of banking opportunities, cash on delivery is a payment method well in place to surprise the odds and make the e-commerce business model work."

"Jumia, Africa’s largest e-commerce retailer, receives L.E 175 million from Summit Partners"


Fast and Growing, Jumia Hits Egypt

Business Today

"The partnership is set to provide Huawei Device consumers a hassle free shopping experience "

Jumia: customer always comes first

Daily News

"“Our customer service is unmatched anywhere”, says Sherief Makhlouf, proud co-founder of Jumia. Jumia is Egypt’s latest venture into e-commerce but before you roll your eyes and think it is a flash in the pan, Jumia looks like it is here to stay."

UPDATED: Rocket Internet Exits Turkey, Mizado, Expands Amazon Clone in Egypt and Morocco


"UPDATED: We have received confirmation that Rocket is launching Jumia, an Amazon clone, in Egypt, extending a site initially launched in Nigeria that has also launched in Morocco. The brand, which was rebranded from Kasuwa due to local copyright infringement, will sell electronics, books, and a variety of consumer goods in Africa. Kasuwa's launch in Nigeria in June follows Rocket's closure of earlier e-commerce site Kalahari in October 2011.

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