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Dina Mahmoud
General Merchandise Buyer
"Jumia is the change that Egypt deserves to be!"

Ahmed Farag
Books Buyer
"جوميه ايجيبت يعنى تشترى احسن حاجة من غير ما تلف على كل محلات مصر وكمان تجيلك لحد عندك بسرعة"

Doha Ahmed
Business Analyst
"Jumia is revolutionizing online shopping in Egypt. You can get ALL what you need with few clicks, lying at your couch enjoying the AC at home without suffering the traffic jam!"

Karim Khairy
Fashion Buyer
"This is my first time to deal with online shopping. It is astonishing that you can make your shopping that easy. I think in a very short time Jumia will be the best and the most popular website."

Esraa Yousri
Content specialist
"JUMIA is like a play that summarize Online Shopping Experience! ;)"

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