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Buy Cordless Home Phone on Jumia Egypt

Jumia Egypt's Collection of Home Phones

You would think that with the entry of mobile phones and smartphones in the market that home phones or landlines would become extinct, but it looks like they will always have their place in the market. Home phones now come with a cordless feature that allow you to walk freely as you make your call. Jumia Egypt has a wide collection of cordless phones, choose from brands such as Philips cordless phone, Alcatel cordless phone, Radio Shack cordless phone and Panasonic cordless phones

Discover the Best Cordless Phone on Jumia Egypt

Looking for high quality, but cheap cordless phones? Check out our wireless phone category, here we have phones from different brands, which come in a variety of colors. Shop for a cordless phone with an answering machine in the same category. We also have a whole range of corded home phones that will provide you with the best quality.

Order Home Telephone via Jumia Egypt

Shopping for a Philips cordless phone in Egypt? Get it and other home telephones online with Jumia Egypt. Enjoy our discounts on these phones and have your phone delivered to your home or office once you shop with Jumia Egypt.