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Lasso is a brand that specializes in manufacturing the highest quality underwear and bras, and its prices are very special on Jumia Egypt. You can find all types of Lasso bra on our website which include lace Lasso bra, cotton Lasso bra, padded Lasso bra, and others. Lasso bra is made of soft materials for maximum comfort, as it has an excellent ability to absorb sweat and prevent unpleasant odors. Buy Lasso panties at affordable prices from Jumia Egypt, as we make a general checkup on all the products before delivering, so you don't have to worry because Jumia Egypt provides the highest quality.

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Buy Lasso underwear from Jumia Egypt, as it can be washed in automatic washing machines and does not need any time to dry. You can find all sizes of Lasso underwear on our website, so choose the right size for you. Buy bras and panties from our lingerie catalog, where you can find all the famous brands. Lasso products are among the finest products that we have, so you can buy whatever you need from Lasso without any worries. Get Lasso bras that are available in all colors on Jumia Egypt, such as red, beige, black, gray, in addition to many other colors. You can find pajamas and nightgowns from Lasso on Jumia Egypt in various shapes and models.

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You can find all shapes of Lasso bras on Jumia Egypt, such as the Lasso push up bra, which is specially made from the best types of Egyptian cotton. Buy Lasso leggings at the best prices from our website, and enjoy the fastest delivery service to your doorstep or any suitable place for you.