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Order School Bags from Jumia Egypt

Collection of Backpack Bags Online

A backpack is a school essential to place all school books and school supplies in. At Jumia Egypt, we have provided a collection full of backpacks for girls and boys to choose from with your kids, to provide them with the best quality bags to store their supplies in.

Backpacks for school come in different shapes, sizes and materials because every child is different as well as every year’s curriculum. You can find colors of backpacks such as a pink backpack, black backpack or even ones with designs and patterns on them such as cartoon characters and Disney characters. If your child is in his first year of school, you should choose a small backpack that is convenient for him. Some of the amazing backpack brands we offer are Louis Will, JanSport, Disney and Hi Toys.

Shop School Bags for Girls & Boys

The best backpacks to get for your children are rolling backpacks which can easily be dragged behind your child. Buy school bags online whether it’s boys backpacks or backpack bags for girls at low and affordable prices from Jumia Egypt. Have your kids enjoy a new year of school with brand new kids school bags that will last them all year long.