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swatter Features 1. The product is powered by an 18650 lithium battery with a capacity of 1200 mAh;
2. After the electric mosquito swatter is stopped, it has the function of automatically eliminating the residual electricity of the high-voltage net surface;
3. The product is equipped with 6 mosquito trapping purple lights, with selected wavelength is 360 - 400nm;
4. The grid voltage is about 2500V when working;
5. The product has a power display function (the power is 25% when one light is on,the power is 50% when two lights are on, the power is 75% when three lights are on, and the power is 100% when four lights are on);
6. The product has overcharge, over discharge, over current, and load short circuit protection,etc., to accurately detect the charging voltage to ensure the safety of charging. Product .
1. For the first use, please charge the product for 4-6 hours;
2. When charging,insert the USB plug of the 5V charger into the Micro USB input socket on the product charging base, first, push the power switch to the OFF position, and then insert the tail of the electric mosquito swatter into the USB charging base of the product. The charging indicator light flashes; when the four charging indicator lights on the product turn on regularly, it means that the product is fully charged; the product charging time is about 3 hours;
3. Conventional anti-mosquito method: Push the power switch on the right side of the product to the ON1 position,press and hold the high-voltage button switch, and the high-voltage working indicator light will be on. At this time, the metal net is equipped with high-voltage, wave the electric mosquito swatter to make the metal net contact with mosquitoes, and the mosquitoes will be killed immediately. When the button switch is released, the work indicator goes off. At this time, there is still residual voltage on the metal mesh. Do not touch the metal mesh. The voltage will be automatically eliminate dafter a few seconds;
4. Intelligent anti-mosquito method: Push the power switch of the product to the Opposition. At this time, the LED mosquito trapping purple light glows, the grid has high voltage, and then insert the tail of the electric mosquito swatter into the USB charging base of the product. When mosquitoes and other harmful flying insects are attracted by the purple light on the product and fly to the electric mosquito grid, they will be killed when touched. When using the mosquito trap mode, the connection of power supply is required to use the anti-mosquito  light function;
5. Turn OFF the anti-mosquito function of the product: Just push the power switch to the Off position.
1. When the electric mosquito swatter is working, the metal mesh surface has high voltage! Keep away from children, beware of electric shock to children,do not touch the metal mesh surface with your hands or hand-held metal objects, high voltage danger, please pay attention to safety!
2. Do not use this product in places where flammable gas or explosive dust may exist, and don't often use metal and other conductive objects to spark on the metal net;
3. After use, please push the power switch to the OFF position;
4. In order to guarantee the service life of the battery, if there is no obvious effect of hitting the mosquito during use, or the bottom battery power indicator flashes, it means that the battery power has basically been used up.please stop using and recharge products in time,When the voltage of the lithium battery is lower than 2.8V, the low-voltage protection function of the product will cause the product to enter the protection state and appear to be unable to work, and it must be charged before use;
5. If it is not used for a long time,  the product should be replenished once every three months for about 3 hours. The product should be stored in a ventilated, dry place with a relative humidity of less than 80%. There should be no corrosive chemicals around;
6. Do not wipe with wet towels or rinse the mosquito corpses on the net surface with water, you can use a soft brush with long hair or tap a few times to fall off (mosquito carcass may cause a short circuit on the metal mesh surface, damage the electric mosquito swatter, please clear it in time);
7. Please do not slap other hard objects or pinch the mesh surface of the product to avoid damaging the metal mesh surface;
8. Please operate in strict accordance with the requirements and precautions of the instructions, and do not disassemble at will. The company shall not be liable for any adverse consequences caused by illegal operation. Tips: Due to the built-in low-voltage protection function of the product, when the 25% power indicator flashes or the power indicator does not light up on the product during use, it means that the battery has basically run out. Please stop using and charge it in time. And you need to push the power switch on the product to the "OFF" position to charge. Warning!This electronic mosquito swatting should be kept away from children, not suitable for barns, livestock sheds and similar places, do not touch the metal net when charging and working, do not use in the environment of combustible gas, gas or inflammable and explosive goods, dangerous chemicals.


Key Features

  • Electric Mosquito Swatter


  • Color: White
  • Main Material: n/a
  • Model: e-m-s-m
  • Production Country: China, Egypt
  • Size (L x W x H cm): 538mm*218mm*95mm

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Mak Electric Mosquito Swatter

Mak Electric Mosquito Swatter

EGP 400
EGP 45011%

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