Microsoft Nokia Lumia 535: Bye Bye Nokia – Welcome Microsoft

Finally Microsoft has taken the decision to brand for its own phones and produce the first Lumia smartphone without Nokia Logo. This has been anticipated to happen a long time ago, and now is the time. Following the steps of Apple Co, Microsoft has witnessed the privileges of being its own mobile producer and OS developer and took the initiative. This Not Nokia Lumia new will be available soon.

Powered by the latest Windows Phone 8.1, Lumia 535 Microsoft comes to us with a totally new vision. Not very different from its predecessor in design, yet what signifies the Lumia 535 dual SIM among its competitors in the smartphones’ world is its strong camera & OS. Lumia latest smartphone represents a leap in the world of technology.

Let’s have a tour within Microsoft Lumia 535 specifications :

Always up-to-date with the Latest Updates

Powered by Windows Phone 8.1 and supported by Microsoft itself, Microsoft 535 Lumia will gain the privilege of getting the newest software once it is released before any other phone. Achieving tasks has become way easier with Microsoft Lumia 535 features. Whether you are at work or in class, you will be able to view and edit your documents easily thanks to the quick access to your own files via OneDrive and the built-in Microsoft office. What is so good also about the new Lumia is that it enables you to save your files and share them with your friends privately, due to the 15 GB storage you are granted on OneDrive storage. You shouldn’t consider this smartphone to be the latest Nokia Lumia phone, it is among the first Microsoft phones.

Best Selfies Ever

Lumia cameras in general are known of its high resolution and powerful performance, but usually this applies to the back cameras while the front cameras come as VGA. What is new and unique about Microsoft Lumia 535 camera is that it comes with an equally high resolution back and front 5 MP camera; so that your selfies will be as perfect as your normal shots. Your selfies will become way gorgeous and more people will be able to fit into one selfie with 535 Lumia front-facing camera. The mobile comes with a pre-installed Lumia Selfie application which makes it easier for you to access the front camera, taking amazing selfies, edit them with the installed filters and share them with your friends easily.

Not only selfies which are amazing with Lumia 535 but also are video calls. With just one touch you can turn a normal phone call into an amazing video call, that will draw you closer to your beloved ones. With the new Nokia Lumia your selfies and pictures will have a live of their own

All the Fun You Need in One Device!

The smartphone Lumia 535 applications are designed to provide you with all the fun and entertainment you desire. Going to Windows Phone Store, you will find all the standard apps available like Skype, What’s app and Sub-way surfers in addition to some customized apps designed especially for Lumia users. You will never get bored with your new Microsoft Lumia 535 apps. Also, you can look at your selected apps coming to live on your own home screen with Lumia’s Live Tile.

Stunning Design
Beautiful inside and outside! The New Smartphone Nokia Lumia 535 display size is 5” and comes with a plastic body, so it is big and light at the same time. It is never too big for your Microsoft phone to fit into one hand, and being controlled effortlessly thanks to the smartly placed buttons on both sides of the device. Microsoft Lumia 535 colors are bright and variable. Along with the traditional black & white, the mobile Lumia 535 is available in cyan, orange, yellow and red. Microsoft Lumia 535 accessories will be available once the device is released, so you can protect your phone and prettify it at the same time.
Powerful Performance

Running on Quad-core processor and 1 GB Ram, the mobile Microsoft Lumia 535 is ready to do all the work and never been broken or tired. With Microsoft 535 Lumia you can watch movies, play games, finish an important task, chat, and make phone calls smoothly. Moreover, the device comes with 8 GB internal memory and 15 GB Free OneDrive storage; and if these still not enough for you the mobile supports MicroSD card which you can insert and enjoy up to 128 GB additional storage.

Microsoft Lumia 535 release date in Egypt is not identified, yet we anticipate that it will be here by January 2015. Yes, many of the users here are looking forward to have a look at the Microsoft Lumia 535 reviews once it is released globally to satisfy their curiosity. Also, the thing that is kind of confusing for some users is the anticipated price of the new Lumia phone. But we can guarantee that the Microsoft Lumia 535 price in Egypt will be affordable. That is actually what Microsoft has been aiming at, to produce a smartphone with high specs and affordable price and they have succeeded in that. Above we brought to you the Lumia 535 full specifications as mentioned in Microsoft Lumia 535 gsmarena page; and if you would like to buy Microsoft Lumia 535 stay tuned to be the first to know once the mobile is released.