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A docking station provides a plug-in surface for electronic devices such as phones, tablets and laptops and it allows the devices to communicate with other devices such as printers and backup drives. A docking station can also feature a network interface card that attaches your laptop or tablet to a local area network. Shop for a docking station here on Jumia Egypt, choose from a variety of brands including Universal laptop docking station, Future Power, Philips and Louis Will.

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At Jumia Egypt, we have a collection of docking stations such as laptop docking station and notebook docking station. These allow you to plug in multiple accessories into your docking station which connects to your laptop or notebook with a separate cord. You can also use multiple devices with these docking stations. Shop for a USB docking station or a Bluetooth docking station that can be used by almost all devices here on Jumia Egypt.

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Order for a computer docking station online via Jumia Egypt. Also, browse through our mobile and tablets accessories category for mobile holders and stands. Shop for your docking station conveniently with Jumia Egypt.