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It has become more and more common to own a mobile or a smartphone or Android mobiles. As a result, statistics show that there are about 6 billion cell-phone subscriptions worldwide. But there are a very wide variety of different phones. From the very basic cell phone to the most technology-advanced smartphone like android mobiles or iOS mobiles, there are possibilities for all budget and at all prices.You would find best buy deals for mobiles and smartphones. And you would have the best online shopping experience with our mobile shop

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We have made a careful selection of the best smart phones of the market ( Android phones , iOS phones). On Jumia Mobiles' shop will be able to find Touch Screen devices as well as Keyboard devices.
Among the most famous touchscreen phones, you can of course find the iOS , designed by Apple . The iOS has led the mobile phone revolution with its intuitive setup and its large 3.5” screen. An 8 megapixels camera, enabling you to take the best pictures at any moment, also equips it.
Samsung has launched many beautiful and powerful Smart phones. One of the best of those is definitely the Galaxy S5, a super sleek smartphone working at high speed or iphone 5s
Nokia has also launched ultra innovative smart phones both with touchscreens and with keyboards. They are known to be among the most reliable devices of the market.
It is not necessary to introduce BlackBerry , since it is one of the most famous mobile phone brands. Businessmen often use ( Android phones , iOS phones , BlackBerry ) smartphones enabling them to send and receive emails easily and stay connected at any time.
HTC and LG cell and smartphones are among the best of the market. They are easy to use and intuitive and ultra sleek!

…And don’t forget our classic phones

Jumia Egypt's mobile shop has also made a selection of the best mobile phones for all level of budget. The best brands are available online and for every taste: you are now able to buy a beautiful cheap mobile or a more powerful one. We have what you need - a great selection of mobiles, availbale at the cheapest prices in Egypt. Need a new headset, a hand free kit or speakers for your mobile? Have a glance at our accessories! We also have a selection of shells and protections for your favorite phone. Jumia is biggest mobile shop in Egypt.