Google Nexus 6 By Motorola

After long wait for the Nexus 6 release date, Google has officially announced its huge phone. This phone could easily be mistaken for a Phablet, it’s very similar to Motorola’s Moto X except it’s larger with a huge Nexus logo on its backside. As expected this phone is running the new Android 5.0 ( Android Lollipop). As for Nexus 6 specs, it has 5.9” display and is 10mm thick, with specs like that the smartphone is expected to be enormous and who wouldn’t like that?!

Motorola Nexus 6

According to Nexus 6 gsmarena specs the phone will have a QHD display that is perfect for watching videos and reading books and emails. What is more, this larger phone means a better and bigger battery with 3220mAh battery you can do whatever you want with your phone without worrying about your battery running out.

As for the price of Google’s latest smartphone, many consider it to be very affordable compared to its premium specs and design. Many are waiting for this phone to grab it once it is finally released for public.

Powerful Specs

Moreover, if you put nexus 6 vs iphone 6 you would know that the phone has much more powerful specs such as f/2.0 13MP camera in addition to Adreno 420, 2.7GHz processor and 3GB RAM. Couple this with two internal storage capacities the Nexus 6 32GB and 64GB and you would have the perfect smartphone.

What is more, when comparing nexus 6 vs nexus 5 you could easily notice the amazing battery technology. The battery has a speed charge feature that allows you to have almost six hours of battery life on only 15-minute charge. This feature is a dream comes true for all heavy android users, now you are allowed to forget your charger.

Nexus mobile Android system is another huge advantage for android lovers, Android Lollipop host many powerful features that would make using the smartphone easier and much more effective. So far looks like Google will release two versions of this smartphone Nexus 6 Black and White. However, Google might surprise us with a gold and silver version of this incredible phone.

Many appreciate the simplicity and beauty of this phone’s clean design; even though the display is huge the height of the phone is only 159.3mm which is much better when you don’t have a big home better that is eating up your phone’s screen.

Some worry that nexus 6 phone might be too heavy or too big to hold in your hand, however, you should rest assured that this is not the case here. Consider it to be a slightly smaller phablet and you will be amazed by its abilities and features.

Soon in Egypt

It is also worth mentioning that this phone will have a scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass, however, it might not be shatter-proof so make sure to treat your phone with the respect it deserves. As for the back of the phone, it seems to have a soft plastic finish with the volume and power buttons on the side. Many waiting to buy Nexus 6 in Egypt to be the first to own the powerful new Nexus 6, Nexus 6 expected price in Egypt shouldn't be that different from the global price. So stay tuned with Jumia Egypt to be the first to have this monstrous phone.