Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Beautify your life

After Note 2, Samsung developers have been doing their best in order to deliver to the world Samsung’s next great device which is intended to make your life way easier and full of fun. While working on Note 3, developers were only thinking about YOU! They have inspired their work from your needs, so below we are going to have a tour within Samsung Note 3 specifications which are created from you and by you!

Get Tasks Done Instantly!

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 4G comes with a new S-pen which makes it easy and fun for you to surf your mobile. Now you may use your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 mobile as notebook, the S-pen will enable you to achieve the different typing tasks quickly; whether writing an email, chatting, adding notes or even drawing a chart. It will not only facilitate your work, but also will enrich your note entertainment experience. Comparing such privileges with the price of Samsung Galaxy Note 3, make us realize that its price is very reasonable compared to such features and specs.

Better View

One of Samsung Note 3 specs that add much value to the device is its screen. Its display is big enough like a mini-tablet – 5.7” – yet compact to fit into your hands smoothly. The mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 3 display size is suitable for those who prefer to own one device that does it all; so it could be used as a tablet, mobile, and notebook. Its HD screen is perfect for watching videos and reading books. Its super slim body makes it super light, so you won’t feel like putting it away ever. That is why many choose to buy Samsung galaxy note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 features a 13 MP camera that enables you to capture each amazing detail, in every outstanding view. Coming with a front facing camera the mobile will enable you to always be in contact with your beloved, sharing every detail like you are actually with them. You won’t feel isolated anymore. The camera high-resolution is one of the most important Samsung Note 3 specs.

Samsung Note 3 Gear

Samsung never get enough of producing smart devices to make your life easier, so here it introduces Samsung Smart watch “Galaxy Gear”. As usual, Samsung is experienced in manufacturing great displays with amazing resolution, and they were able to bring such awesome display to the watch. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 gear enables you to answer your calls immediately if your phone is out of reach, capture quick snapshots & short videos and share them with your friends instantly via social networks. In a nutshell, Samsung’s smartwatch is another smart device that is intended to simplify your life & make it easier.

Customer Experience

The most important part about the release of any new product is the customer’s feedback, as they work hard to exceed our expectations; the feedback they receive from us help them to truly develop & improve. The most important part of this feedback is the customers’ reviews, and Samsung Note 3 reviews played an important part in helping the developers to overcome the defects in the upcoming models such as (Note 4). Like reviews are useful to help them improve, they are also source of pleasure to the manufacturer when they state the users’ satisfaction about certain aspect of their product. And this has been stated in Samsung Galaxy Note 3 reviews, that the Samsung Note 3 price in Egypt is very affordable. Also, some stated that comparing Samsung Galaxy Note 3 specifications & features to its price, we find that the Galaxy Note 3 price is very reasonable. Though all the advanced Samsung Galaxy Note 3 features, some are not convinced till they compare it with other models to make sure it is the cream de la cream. So, many tend to compare Samsung neo vs Note 3, and Note 3 vs Note 2; and it has been proved that Note 3 is the best any one can get. Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 3 3G in Egypt online and be among the first to enjoy all Samsung Note 3 apps and specs.