Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Samsung always does its best to meet the users’ needs, but with the release of this new Samsung Galaxy Tab S, Samsung exceeds the user’s expectations starting from Super Amoled Screen, the outer design till the most powerful processor. With the launch of this new tab S in two different sizes 8.4” and 10.1”, Samsung is aiming to compete with the recently released iPads. Samsung Tab S 8.4” VS iPad mini which is also 8”, while on the other hand Samsung Tab 10.1” VS iPad Air – the world’s best-selling tablet in 2013.

Galaxy Tab S Colorful and Rich

Samsung brings to you the colorful nature on a tab’s screen. The new Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 comes with a Super Amoled Screen that produces much deeper and clearer colors in comparison to normal LCD tablets. This new Super Amoled technology is developed to reproduce colors that match up to 90% of the natural colors seen by the naked eye, allowing you to watch videos, movies and display pictures with their true colors. Simply the Galaxy tab s10.5 gives you better and brighter images.

Amazing design & Powerful performance

Samsung team has been working hard on developing a new tablet that combines between the great outer look and the strong performance. They have succeeded in achieving their goal by introducing this new Samsung tab to the world. The new Samsung Tab S features a 6.6 mm thickness, and 465 gram weight. The tab is amazingly light and thin, which makes it one of the easiest devices to move with you whenever you go.

Not only an entertaining tablet but also a professional one, this new Tab S is optimized to meet the businessmen needs; thanks to the “Multi-tasking window” technology inserted into the tab you can finish more than one task in a very short time.

No more worries if you forgot your phone at home, or if it ran out of power; now you can simply transfer all the important data from your phone to your Tab S and keep a copy in case of any urgent situation via “SideSync 3.0” feature. Moreover this feature allows you to display your phone’s home screen on your tab and perform all the needed actions.

The new Tab S comes with an adaptive screen that works automatically on adjusting the colors sharpness and the screen brightness according to your needs. For instance if you are reading a book and then switch to watch a movie the screen adjusts its moods automatically to provide you with an idealized watching experience.

And the most amazing feature that has been developed by Samsung team in the new Tab S is the “Finger ID scanner”, a feature that provides you with the ultimate needed privacy. This new technology has been introduced before in Samsung S5. It allows you to keep all you important data safe & sound, no one will be able to get access to your tab’s content unless you give them the permission to. The Galaxy Tab S specs are developed for your convenience.

Amazingly satisfied the customer needs

The new Samsung Tap S release date in Egypt will be at the end of 2014. All the Samsung users in Egypt are looking forward to experience this new Samsung tablet themselves; thanks to the huge propaganda that tablet has made since its launch in the worldwide market. All the shopping online websites include a specific page for the Samsung galaxy Tab S reviews, which state the users’ experience, a comparison between the tab S and the old models, in addition to the cons and the pros of the new features introduced in it. Now, you can have a look at Samsung Tab S spec on, we provide you with all the things that matters to you. Samsung Tab S price is not yet defined in the market, so stay tuned to get the latest news. However, I’m sure that the galaxy tab s price will be suitable for different social classes.