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Nike A Brand for A Life Time

Nike sportswear is made of materials that provide maximum ventilation and flexibility of the body. Furthermore, the closed knit wholes provide moderate ventilation without any exposing of the skin, also the solid fabric offers over all comfort and flexibility. What is more; Dri-Fit is a super popular sportswear designed and manufactured by Nike. What is so great about these clothes is the material from which they are made. They are made of polyester and nylon micro fibers that keep sweat away from the body and move it to the surface so it can evaporate to keep you dry and comfortable. Nike’s master piece in sportswear is Aeroloft vest. It is made to give athletes all what they want n cold weather. In cold weather, athletes always have to choose between insulation and ventilation; however, for optimal performance they need both. With the Aeroloft Vest athletes get both. The high preforming material provides superior warmth and light weight.

Superstars Wearing Nike

Moreover, Nike designs clothes for every sport, because they know that each and every athlete need to wear certain clothes that fit the sport that he/ she practices. Many superstars and celebrities have been spotted wearing Nike products. Those celebrities include; Kim Kardashian, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown and many more.

Find the Perfect Nike Store on Jumia Egypt

Any Nike store or outlet contains many products made by this great brand such as; Nike shoes and sneakers. Among the most popular Nike shoes are; Nike Mercurial, Nike air max, Dunks and running shoes. Nike football sneakers are also among the most bought shoes around the world and you can match them with Nike watches and have the perfect sports accessories. In Egypt, many trust the brand to the extent that they buy Nike products online. Jumia Egypt is an online shopping mall that sells various Nike sportswear, shoes and watches.