How to Return Your Product Online?
Easy, just follow the steps below

Go to your account

To start a return process, you need to login to your Jumia account and go to "My Orders".

If you don't see the button "return a product in your order page, it means your product can't be returned online.
You need to click on "Order details" to open the order.

Select the products you want to return

You will see all your returnable products . Select the "Quantity to return". Select the "Reason for return" for each.

Add "Comments" to elaborate on the reasons for the item return. This text field is optional, but very helpful of to clarify your request.

To confirm, press the "Validate" button. This action will trigger the validation of the return form. Upon errors, you will be invited to correct/complete the form. Upon successful validation of the return form(s), you will be presented with a confirmation/validation popup, resuming the return request.

The pop-up conveys the following information:
  1. A reminder on the conditions to return a product
  2. Item(s) to be returned
  3. Quantity of item(s) to be returned
  4. Name of the item(s) to be returned
  5. Reason and comment of your return

Select the way you want to return your product(s)

Then you are invited to select your return method. Click to confirm to go to next step.

Select the way you want to be refunded

Then select your refund method, and add the required information if needed. Click on “Confirm”.

A confirmation Pop-up will finally appear to confirm that your return was registered. You can click on Close.

Your return request has been submitted!

Having trouble returning a product online? you can contact Customer Service at 19586 or [email protected].