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Buy Panty Liners at the Best Prices!

Women use daily sanitary pads to maintain personal hygiene at all times, so Jumia Egypt cares to provide the largest selection of daily pads from internationally famous brands such as Always panty liners, Carefree panty liners, Dry panty liners, in addition to many other brands. You can now enjoy feeling clean and fresh every day by using the best panty liners available on Jumia Egypt. You can also find various sizes of packages of panty liner pads on our website, whether 10 pads, 20 pads, 40 pads or 68 pads.

Stay Fresh & Clean Every Day with Jumia Egypt

Buy daily pads from Jumia Egypt and enjoy feeling clean throughout the day. Always dailies are considered one of the best types of daily liners in the world because they are well known for their superior absorption, in addition, they give you high ventilation, which guarantees you a fresh and dry feeling. Get cotton panty liners for women from Jumia Egypt or other feminine care products that include feminine wash, deodorant for women or sanitary towels.

We Have the Best Ladies Panty Liners

Shop panty liners online which are made of soft cotton, as not to cause any skin infections. You can find panty liners with wings at reasonable prices that suit your budget on our website with the fastest delivery service to your doorstep or any suitable place for you. Buy daily sanitary pads from Jumia Egypt and stay fresh every day.