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A stylus pen is a pen shaped device used to input commands to a touchscreen on smartphones, tablets and laptops. A stylus pen keeps your screen free from fingerprints and does not leave smudge marks of your fingers and since its made of rubber, it does not scratch your screen. Shop for a stylus pen here on Jumia Egypt and also for digital pen which is very useful for graphic designers.

Find Variety of Stylus Pens on Jumia Egypt

Browse through our stylus pen collection and discover our different brands of stylus pens. Choose from brands such as Speedlink, Ideus, Sunsky, Universal and Vakind. Our smart pens, also known as digital pens, are of high quality, giving you a high level of precision. Shop for your electric pen or iPad stylus pen and have it delivered at your home or office.

Order for Stylus Pen and Touch Pen Online

Looking for the best stylus pen for your ipad? Shop for an iPad pencil or a tablet pen on Jumia Egypt and protect your iPad's display from scratches and smudges. Shop online with Jumia Egypt and enjoy our discounts.