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Police, Bold Elegant Look

Police is an Italian fashion house that manufactures fashion accessories. It was launched in 1983 and initially specialized in sunglasses. They launched their first perfume set in 1997, their first watch collection in 2003 and their first apparel collection in 2008. Since their very beginning Police has been the embodiment of the bold elegant urban look. Their products are made for fashion freaks who like to stand out with originality and style. They represent vintage modernity which is emphasized by the use of colors and unique design.

Police sunglasses collection is made of special kind of aluminum which is ultra-weight the thing that makes them easier to wear. Furthermore, these wonderful materials do not only compromise beauty and elegance of design, they even find creative ways to apply their logo on the sunglasses. Police eyewear is made to suit this era and every other era; they make glasses for pop, rock and metal fans.

Police Watches, Specially Made To Grab Attention

Their watch collection are made to grab attention, they are masculine sleek metallic and rich. They are specially designed to strengthen the brand’s long history of quality and unique design. They are made for men and women who are born to lead. Women watches are characterized by their mesmerizing elegance and men watches are characterized by their powerful presence. For example; Police watches such asAvenue, Freedom and Crossbow have names that represent the character of their wearers.

Your Perfume, Your Hall of Fame

Police perfumes are a totally different story; they are made to amaze people! Police perfumes do not just make you smell good they give you a free ticket to the hall of fame as everyone will remember you once they smell the Police fragrance you are wearing. Even the design of the bottle is unique, the made a bottle that actually looks like a skull how amazing is that! And the perfume is called To Be made for both men and women. This kind of design encourages women to step out of the ordinary world of perfumes to a new bold one. Jumia Egypt has wide collection of Police products that you could buy easily at a very reasonable price while shopping and buy Police products online.