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Have a Natural Look with our Collection Of Face Powder

Face powder or compact powders are perfect for oily skin, it is better than face foundation since it doesn’t enter the pores of your face. Face powder is also used on the face foundation to keep for a long time. Even though face powder has almost the same purpose of the face foundation, it is considered an essential item in every make up kit. There are many types of face powder palettes, and they usually come with their own face powder brush that is why you should use the brush accompanied with the powder. In addition, face powder ingredients include mainly Talc and Kaolin. That what makes it suitable for oily skin; however, there are face powder for dry skin and mixed skin.

What is the types of face powders ???

The types of face powders include; pressed or compact powder, loose powder and face powder cream. The pressed is the one that has been compressed to a circular tablet to make portable and easy to use. Face powder with SPF is used by many women all over the world; however, some women try to avoid that because they think it has some harmful effects. On the other hand, loose powder is used by makeup artist to brush some of it on super stars faces, it is used in large makeup kits. Some people wonder if face powder is suitable for face powder acne prone skin, in the matter of fact it is better for this type of skin since it doesn’t fill the pores of your face and thus doesn’t cause acne. Revlon, Clinique and Chanel face powder are among the most popular and best face powder types in Egypt.