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Projectors: good for home or business

Television has evolved: from bulbs all the way to plasma technology, evolution of the television screen is amazing, and it becomes more and more accessible for everyone. There are different options for those who are looking for screens, which mainly vary in the image resolution and quality, weight and size, brand, and of course, price.

DLP stands for Digital Light Processing, and it can be said that it is like the first step in 3D technology, that was closely followed by LCD(Liquid crystal Display), and then LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon). Each of these screens offers an amazing high definition, three dimensional images that truly enhance the viewer's experience.

Projectors and screens for business

Apart from the entertainment and home use, the use of high quality images are needed by a number of industries and businesses around the world. Projectors that are wired to a PC or a laptop computer is the greatest way to show different projects to potential clients or coworkers. These devices also have newer, lighter versions that become affordable for the general public. Projectors are usually accompanied by projector screens, in order to have the best quality of projected images. Projector screens come in a wide variety of options: folding, table top, fixed frame, floor mounted or tripod, etc. Projectors and screens can be easily researched and bought online. Furthermore, there are many well known brands that make high quality projectors to suit different needs. These brands include; Panasonic, Samsung and Casio, they are very popular in Egypt where people may even opt for buying projectors online to avoid the crowded streets of Egypt