Buy Samsung Galaxy S6 in Egypt

As a leading smartphone manufacturer Samsung is definitely raising the bar for their competitors with their new Samsung Galaxy s6 smartphone. It is with no doubt the best smartphone ever made by Samsung. In the matter of fact, some would argue that it is the best smartphone ever made up till this moment. Samsung Galaxy S6 gives you a satisfactory feeling whenever use as it is simply a rewarding device for everyone. In the Galaxy S6, Samsung has added only the features that matters. They wanted to make the phone better and easier to use and has ultimately succeeded. Jumia Egypt offers you this unparalleled device at the best price.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Specs

Unique Design:

Samsung has surprised us with a new bold design for the Galaxy S6. The company has finally let go of their well-known plastic casing in favor of an elegant glass back. The beautiful casing shows that Samsung understands that gadgets are now part of the fashion world.

Samsung S6 screen:

S6 Samsung Galaxy screen is extremely sharp which allows you to create your own entertainment experience wherever you are. The 5.1 inch display has Quad HD resolution (2,560 x 1,440) ,which makes its pixel density higher than all the smartphones in the marker.


The processor is one of the powerful aspects of Samsung Galaxy S6 specifications. The smartphone packs Exynos 7, the latest Samsung Exynos octa-core processor. This mighty processor allows you to have a flawless functionality. Launching apps and switching between them is now faster and better than ever. The cutting edge processor enables you to use many convenient features such “trigger command”

Another powerful feature of the Galaxy S6 Samsung phone is the finger print reader. With the Galaxy S6 all you have to do is to press the home button sensor to unlock your phone.

Camera :

With a wide f/1.9 aperture Samsung S6 16 megapixel rear camera takes photos with live colors. What is more, the auto HDR feature analyzes the image and decides if high dynamic range is needed. Furthermore, you will finally be able to take zoomed and low-light photos with the Galaxy S6 optical image stabilization. And for those who love photography, Samsung is offering you many features to take the perfect picture in a simplified camera UI

The Battery:

Galaxy S6 has fast charge ability so you can charge your phone in a matter of minutes. Moreover, you can charge your phone wirelessly with wireless charging feature built in the incredible Samsung Galaxy S6.

When comparing Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 many have agreed that the new Samsung S6 has won the battle. The phone is a memorable icon in the world of smartphones and it is now available in Egypt. Samsung Galaxy S6 review reflects the satisfaction of those who bought it and actually used it. If you are looking for this amazing smartphone all you have to do is to visit Jumia Egypt and buy Samsung Galaxy S6 from our website. We have the best Samsung Galaxy S6 price in Egypt and many valuable gifts and vouchers.