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Shop Selfie Stick at Low Prices!

You don’t have to ask strangers for a photo from now on as Jumia Egypt provides a huge collection of selfie stick tripod which helps you take steady amazing pictures. You can choose the angle that you like and take a beautiful photo without the help of anyone by getting a new self stick from Jumia Egypt. We’re offering a selfie stick from famous brands such as Huawei selfie stick, Yunteng selfie stick, XIAOMI selfie stick and many more.

Take Amazing Non-Blurry Pictures!

Shop Bluetooth selfie stick which easily allows you to take pictures without excluding anyone from the photo. You can find all mobile accessories that you’re looking for at our website such as earphones, batteries, chargers, screen protectors and many more. Get a selfie stand via Jumia Egypt at affordable prices that suit your budget. You can take photos now like a pro with our Huawei tripod selfie stick. The tripod selfie stick helps you to stand it on any base like a table or a chair and take the perfect pictures without requesting help. You can find a selfie stick with remote which makes it easier for you to capture the photo from a distance.

Shop Selfie Stick Tripod via Jumia Egypt

Order the best selfie stick from Jumia Egypt and have it delivered to your doorstep or any place you choose. Shop wireless selfie stick online without the need to move from your place as you can find the most reasonable selfie stick price in town.