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Definition of Software

Software is a collection of program and data that have instructions that tells the computer what to do and how to do it. In addition, nowadays, smart phones and tablets also have software. The term was coined as a contrast to “hardware”. Softwares include security programs, operating systems and applications programs. There are three types of software; system software, programming software and application software. Each type of them has its own distinguishing feature that enables it to do a specific function.

System software compromises the operating system and all the data and programs that enable your PC to function. On the other hand, applications software includes programs that make it easier for you to use your computer. For example, Microsoft office and all the programs related to it are applications software. Moreover, there are some softwares designed for Windows and others designed for Mac. Many well-known companies devise programs to suit their products for instance HP products have their own software programs and Apple is constantly developing operating systems for its products.

Companies Developing Software Programs

In the age of technology everybody tries to download free software, however, you should always make sure that you are downloading your free software from a trusted website because it may harm your device.Microsoft is one of the largest companies developing software, it is based in Washington, USA and it develops manufactures and supports a wide range of programs and software. In addition, some companies are only specialized in developing security software such as AVG, and Bitdefender. These companies also offer free trials so you could try the program before you buy it. In addition, you can always buy your software online using your credit card or account; still you have to that suits the needs of every computer or mobile user the fact that you can buy those software programs online give you a better shopping experience.