Sony Xperia Z2: the ultimate luxury

Sony presents you with another amazing phone of the Sony Xperia Z series which is Sony Xperia Z2 with a great camera performance and video camcorder in a water-resistant smart phone. Sony always brings you nearer to the actual experience

Xperia Z2: creates unforgettable moments

Satisfy all your needs with Xperia Z2 smartphone that enables you to capture images and record videos like never before. You will keep viewing those images over and over again for the rest of your life, it will always be new, never old. More Megapixels, Bigger sensor= Astonishing results.

With 20.7 megapixels and a 30% larger sensor than the ordinary smartphones, the new Sony Xperia Z2 phone is equal in performance to digital cameras, so with the presence of your Z2 you won't need anything else. It enables you to capture the most important moments in your life with the best quality ever, so you can keep them as long as you want and relive these moments whenever you want.

Videos 4 times clearer than Full High Definition Camera

The Xperia Z 2 enables you to record the most detailed videos with full HD quality, so you can simply relive the special events of your life over and over again, and enjoy it as it is the first time to witness it.

Sony Z2: Where powerful sound suits bright viewing

Listen only to whatever you desire.

If you are in the busiest place ever, still you won't ever miss an important call as the newly released Xperia Z2 supports amazing stereo speakers that allows you to hear it amongst the noisiest places, in addition to the new "Noise cancelling technology" that enables you to listen to a loud and clear music whenever you want. Sony Xperia Z2 comes with very elegant accessory the MDR-NC31EM head-phone that delivers the clearest sounds ever.

Enjoy a new Full HD cinematic experience

Experience a new sense of action, romance or comedy movies and clips with the new Sony Xperia Z2 with its large 5.2" full HD screen. It features the world’s first colorful LED display.

Expect the unexpected with Sony Xperia Z2

Sony presents this amazing waterproof phone that will enable you to enjoy photographing under the water or during a rain shower and capture those most amazing moments. You will no longer need to protect your phone with hard screen protectors, because this dust-resistant will keep itself always clean and protected.

No more slowness!

All smartphone users are looking for "Speed", so many users have been holding a hard comparison between the newly released smartphones that have promised to change the user's world upside down with the new features and technology included in each to increase the performance of the device like no other one. So mainly customers have been looking for sony xperia z2 vs samsung galaxy s5 and the results were kind of the same except for little differences due to the difference in developing each phone. But Sony Z2 reviews proved that it is the fastest among others, with a slogan that "you will have to wait for it, not the other way round".

Sony xperia z2 release date in Egypt is not yet defined but it is expected to be officially in Egypt very soon, but it is promised that the difference in the price of Sony Z2 VS Z1 will not be big, on the other hand Sony xperia z2 price in Egypt is promised to be affordable so that everyone can get and enjoy this unbelievable experience with the newly released phone.