How to Cancel Your Order

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I cancel my order?
  • Yes, you can cancel the order if the order is "Confirmed and Processing".
  • You can't cancel an order if the status is "Shipped", but you can reject receiving the package when the courier contacts you.
  • You can create a return from your account if the order status is "Delivered".
My order was prepaid, how will I get a refund?
  • If you cancel your order online, you will receive a refund in your JumiaPay wallet within 24 hours
  • If you reject the delivery of the order, your refund will be processed as soon as the order is updated to the delivery failure within 48 hours.
My order has been shipped but I still want to cancel it.
  • If the status of the order is "Shipped", you can reject the package when the courier contacts you to deliver the order.
Steps To Cancel Your Order
1. From the list of Orders in your Jumia Account, Click See Details in front of the order you wish to cancel.
2. Click the Cancel Item button.
3. Select the right quantity and cancellation reason from the drop-down list, and submit.

Note: For prepaid orders, you will be refunded to your Jumia store credit within 24 hours.