Jumia is taking all measures to ensure the Facilitation of social distancing and a contactless experience. By enabling customers to buy online and offering a contactless delivery option, we help eliminate physical contact. Jumia Pay options enable you to be “Eligible for contactless Safe Delivery”, Jumia delivery associates have been trained to execute a contactless delivery by leaving packages at the doorstep and waiting for you to collect them before they leave.
Stay Safe.

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Your safety is very important to us, so Jumia Egypt takes all the necessary measures to ensure fast delivery without any contact in order to facilitate social distance and reduce any physical contact.
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All you have to do is pay with Jumia Pay because Jumia delivery associates are trained to deliver the orders safely by leaving the packages at the doorstep until you receive it without any exchange of money.

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You can now buy online all your supplies and needs from various catalogs, such as supermarket, fashion, detergents, electronics and more on Jumia Egypt. There is no need to be afraid of the spread of any virus because we take every right measure to keep you and your family safe.
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