Refund and Return Timelines

Thanks for stopping by! All you need to know about our returns and refunds timelines can be found right on this page.
Please note that Business days are from Monday to Friday, and do not include Weekends and Public Holidays.

I. Return Pick up Timeline:

The return pick up time starts from the day you make a request to return an item to the day one of our delivery associate makes a first attempt to retrieve the item that you will like to return. You can make a request to return an item, either by calling our customer service or by submitting the form here

All Country

 First pick-up attempt completed within:
1 - 8
Business Days

II. Refund Timeline:

The refund time starts from the day the item you would like to return is picked up by one of our delivery associates to the day the refund process is completed.

All Country

 Refund completed within:
5 - 10
Business Days