Do you like to open your shop on Jumia Egypt?

Do you like to open you shop in the biggest online mall in Egypt? Now you can do this only by just taking few steps! On Jumia, you can have an online shop or souq and sell your products on the internet. We also provide you with many options of delivery and packaging of your orders!Your shop will be open 24/7, so you can wake up in morning to check how many orders have been done during the night! As Jumia care also about making you a happy and satisfied vendor, we provide you with weekly payment instead of monthly payment to have your revenues weekly

Online Shop Merits on Jumia Egypt

Jumia is Africa's Number one leading e-commerce company. It has the fastest growing customer base and the best online mall, or as people call it “online souq” in Egypt. To become a seller in Jumia means to enjoy having more than 4,500,000 visitors to your shop monthly. Additionally, we run promotional and marketing campaigns for your products on social media like facebook, trying to offer our customers with the best discounts and sales. This is not the whole story! We have Jumia App, which makes our customers make shopping anytime and anywhere. Become a Jumia Vendor now!