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Ultrabooks: The Future of Technology

Ultrabook is considered a brand or a type of subnotebook that aims at reducing bulk while at the same time trying to operate with the same performance and battery life. Subnotebooks are considered a smaller version of the normal laptops. They are lighter in weight, smaller in size and don’t have all the features that a normal laptop might have. Ultrabooks were developed by Intel Corporation in 2012 to push innovation and technology to the next level. The main features that make Ultrabooks unique are using low-power Intel core, solid state drivers & unibody chasis. Based on their small sizes, they don’t include optical disk drivers and Ethernet ports. The main competitor to the Ultrabooks that Intel is developing is the Apple Macbook Air, as it competes with the Ultrabooks in size, power and efficiency.

Main Specifications of Ultrabooks

In order for Intel to be able to promote and sell such Ultrabooks as laptops, it specifies to the manufactures certain specification that must be included in them. There are three main specification platforms or versions that Intel launched. The first one was the Huron River launched on October 2011 and some of its specifications include minimum 5 hours battery life, Intel core models processor and Intel Management engine 7.1 or higher. The second platform launched by Intel was the Chief River that was launched in 2012 with more advanced specifications to the manufacturers like, 80MB/s transfer rate as a minimum storage, Intel Management Engine 8.0 or higher and Ivy Bridge microarchitecture as a processor. The final specification version launched by Intel in June 2013 was the Shark Bay, this platform had requirements like, 6 hours HD video playback & 9 hours window 8 idle for battery life. Also, touch screen, voice command, sensors beside of course, Antivirus,, antimalware, for the software and firmware. You can check a wide variety of Ultrabooks and their specifications on online stores and Jumia is one of these stores that serve the Egyptina Market.