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Vidvie was founded not long ago in 2015, but nevertheless, it was able to make a famous name for itself as it sells high quality electronics and mobile accessories. Shop online from Vidvie at Jumia Egypt and get fast delivery to an address of your choice.

You can find all your desired Vidvie products to choose from, which all come in different features and releases. If you’re looking for new earphones, whether for your smartphone or audio device, you can shop for brand new Vidvie headphones from our shop. You can also find a selection that includes Vidvie cable, Vidvie power bank and Vidvie charger, for example, among many other Vidvie mobile accessories to choose from at low and affordable prices.

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Discover our online catalog for Vidvie accessories and electronics available at the most affordable prices in Egypt. Whether you’re looking for Vidvie earphone or Vidvie charger, we assure you that you can find the mobile accessories you’re searching for in our collection. Jumia Egypt provides the best type of services for you to enjoy online shopping and give you the ability to use it with ease, so download the application today and enjoy secure payment methods, fast delivery and free returns.