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Buy eye lenses from Jumia Egypt, which provides the largest selection of prescription lenses, from famous brands. Many women tend to buying colored contact lenses as a kind of accessory or makeup that adds a beautiful touch to the appearance. You can also find transparent lenses on our website. If you have weak eyesight and do not like to wear glasses, prescription contact lenses are the perfect solution for you. We have all types of lenses from international brands such as Acuvue lenses, Bella lenses, Adore lenses, in addition to many famous brands.

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Shop contact lenses online from Jumia Egypt, which provides the fastest delivery service to your doorstep or any place suitable for you. You can find colored lenses in all colors on our website such as Brown lenses, Blue lenses, Grey lenses, Green lenses and others. Are you looking for the best type of prescription lenses? Enter the Jumia Egypt website or download the Jumia app to your phone, where you can find all kinds of contact lenses at the cheapest prices that suit your budget. Buy colored or transparent medical lenses from Jumia Egypt and do not worry about the payment method, because we provide safe and easy payment methods.

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Get prescription contact lenses online. You can also find eyeglasses and all vision care products on our website, as well as lenses solution that cleanses the lenses from any microbes that may cause eye diseases.