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Vitrac was first introduced to Egypt in 1982, and while it was originally its own company, it is now one with the Hero Food company. This means that Hero Food sells its products in Egypt under the name Vitrac, which also means that the jam is being processed in production sites in Egypt. Nowadays, we can get, both, the Vitrac jam which is processed in our home country, as well as Hero Food jam which is processed overseas.

At Jumia Egypt, we offer you not only Vitrac jam, but also, Vitrac juice and Vitrac syrup. If you enjoy jam with your breakfast, shop from Vitrac Egypt for delicious fruit jam.

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Whether you’re looking for juice, jam or syrup, get the best and most delicious ones from Vitrac at Jumia Egypt. Our catalog holds amazing jam varieties which include flavors like, apricot jam, strawberry jam, orange jam and even fig jam. For juices and syrups, try the Guava flavor as well as the Apple one. All the fresh fruits you can think of are found in our catalog of Vitrac products here at Jumia Egypt. Discover and order all your needs from Vitrac at low and affordable prices exclusive to Jumia Egypt.