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There are front load washing machines as well as top load ones. The inside tub of most front load washing machines is made of stainless steel to withstand high spinning speeds. For front load washing machines, the drum can be made of either plastic or stainless steel.

The best washing machines are front load made of stainless steel. Other features to look at include the spin speed measured by rotations per minute (RPM), the wash settings for temperature and water control and whether it’s a fully automatic washing machine or half automatic.

Semi-automatic washing machines have different drums for washing and drying clothes. These interventions require shifting of clothes from one tub to another. Fully automatic washing machines have only one tub for washing and drying.

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Order the most reliable brand of washing machine today from Jumia Egypt. You can pick from front or top load LG washing machine because it’s reliable and lasts long. Hoover washing machine is known for being silent washes and energy efficiency which translates into less consumption of electricity. The Samsung washing machine is the most popular due to the eco-bubble technology which reduces water consumption significantly. Bosch washing machine is the most efficient while the Whirlpool washing machine is a good balance between the price and durability. Other brands to look out for include Zanussi washing machine. Generally, the warranty for these washing machine brands lasts for 2 years.

Dryer machines are excellent for people who live in humid areas or don’t have enough space to dry their clothes. The excess moisture after washing clothes in a washing machine can be removed in a dryer machine. A dryer circulates heated air in the drum while rotating clothes hence evaporating the moisture completely. Choose a clothes dryer machine at Jumia Egypt with a moisture sensor to avoid over-drying and damage of your clothes.

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