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Nintendo Wii

As one of Nintendo's most innovative products, the Wii was the first in the movement of wireless control. However, the console uses its wireless controller through three dimensions to identify movement.

Wii Console and Wii Accessories

The Wii Console is a slim, neat fitting machine that works silently, while filling the room with laughs and happiness. As a console, there is so much it has to offer. Nintendo have created its own Profile system, where players can create an electronic version of themselves called a Mii. Alongside this, there are many Wii Accessories that go hand in hand with the Wii Console. Wii accessories include the Motion Plus, the Nunchuck, Wii Wheel and other additions that make the experience more realistic.

Wii Controllers and Wii Cables & Networking

Wii Controllers created a new type of game play, when their wireless capabilities where recognized by thousands. The motion sensor mimics your movements and the Wii controllers are ergonomically designed to feel comfortable in your hand. The controllers also have a safety strap, so they are safe to use for all ages! The console has simple wiring too, so that your Wii Cables and Networking never interferes with your game play. It also has wireless capabilities, this way there are no extra wires required for this.

Wii Music & Dance


The console has many genres that it covers, but Wii music and dance are what it could be said to be well known for! The revelation started with \""Just Dance\"" and thus the continuation to produce other Wii music and dance games began. Fitness games can also be included in this as many dance games also contain workout options creating a health conscious product in a fun environment!


Wii Overview

Overall, the Nintendo console is centered around its family friendly outlook and attempts to provide a console that is suitable for all ages not only to play individually but together as well. This is why the Wii is considered to have such large audience.