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Choose the Right shampoo and conditioner for your hair

There are many types of shampoo in the market nowadays and choosing the right shampoo for your hair may be confusing. There are many brands of hair shampoo such as; Schwarzkopf, Pantene, kerastase and Sunsilk. In order to buy the best shampoo for your hair you need to know your hair type and your scalp type. The below guide will help you know the right shampoo for you. First you need to know that the main purpose of shampoo is to clean your scalp of dirt and oils you can’t just choose any shampoo to do that. Choosing the wrong type of shampoo or hair conditioner might actually damage your hair. Keep in mind that shampoos should be bought based on your scalp type while conditioners

should be chosen based on your hair type.

Oily scalp is a bit tricky you must have tried many shampoos without luck but here are some tips that would help you treat your oily scalp. Try to avoid shampoo and conditioner for curly hair or that are hydrating or moisturizing. These types of shampoos and conditioners add too much oil to your oily scalp. Look for strengthening and balancing these are the right shampoos and conditioners for oily hair. Shampoos for dry hair should be moisturizing and hydration shampoos and you should avoid fortifying and strengthening shampoos. However if you have a very dry and itchy scalp you should try shampoos that are designed for dry scalp. In any way you should avoid shampoos with sodium Laureth Sulfate. What is more, there are shampoos for keratin hair treatment and keratin hair treatment and hair growth.