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Xbox, What you Need for Powerful Gaming

The Xbox is a gaming console that was developed by the programming tycoon Microsoft, the device competes with other powerful gaming devices such as; playstation and Wii. The Xbox 360 is part of the new generation video game consoles. The Xbox games are considered among the most powerful video games in the world. Many gamers love them and try to upgrade and download them regularly. What is more, the Xbox 360 Kinect has become as popular as the actual Xbox and the slim model, gamers buy it to optimize their gaming experience and connect with each other easily and swiftly. Xbox Kinect is considered a controller but it has more functions and abilities to give you the ultimate gaming experience. What is more Microsoft has recently released a new model of Xbox which is the Xbox one and is palnning to release another model soon which the Xbox 720. Also Microsoft has released a special hub for all Xbox lovers that is the Xbox live, you can find the latest new and scoops on this amazing hub, you can also communicate with players from around the world and share your adventures. And if you want to buy Xbox at a great price in Egypt all you have to do is to shop online for Xbox consoles and accessories. The accessories include different kinds of controllers and emulators for you to choose from what suits you.