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Master Makeup Application with the Right makeup accessories

Buying the right makeup tools is essential, because you could have a great makeup kit with no tools to apply it with. So you should know the main makeup accessories that you need in order to prefect the application of makeup. The most important tool when it comes to cosmetics is the brushes. There different brushes for different makeup, for example, you have a blusher brush, an eyeliner brush, a lipstick brush and of course a mascara brush. What is more, you cannot forget things like face foundation and eye shadow sponges.

What is Difference between brushes?

In general you should have different sizes of brushes; a large one for powdering your face, a medium one to use with a blush and several small ones to use with lipstick and concealer. The same goes for sponges; you have to have a big one to cover your face with face foundation and medium small ones for tricky places like under eyes. Moreover, you should use a brush made of natural bristle hair to use when applied powdery products of makeup. As for applying wet makeup such as creams and lipstick you should go for a brush made of synthetic hair. Make sure to buy brushes with soft round heads because they would be softer on your skin and would give you better makeup application. To test the durability of your make up brush, pull lightly on it when buying it to make sure that they don’t come off.