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ACCU CHEK Active Blood Glucose Monitor - Black

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مواصفات المنتج

Easy-to-learn and easy-to-use:

with intuitive icons and simple two-button navigation. The large display and numbers make it a smart choice

Fast and accurate results: 

The meter requires no more than 5 seconds to measure and deliver results that correlate with a lab test2

Pre-meal and post-meal flagging: 

Of glucose levels make it easy to differentiate from other results

7, 14, 30 and 90 day test averages

Allow evaluation of your blood glucose control at a glance

Under-dose detection 

Signals when there is not enough blood on the test strip

Strip expiry warning 

Alerts you when new strips are required

Visual back-up 

Provides a second confirmation of the device reading – for less strip waste

Out-of-meter dosing 

Makes it possible to measure outside the meter (e.g. on arm)

Auto-coding by simply inserting a code chip

Benefits and features:


  • Stores up to 500 test results
  • Pre-meal and post-meal markers are available
  • See averages of all blood test results over 7, 14, 30 and 90 days.


  • Fulfills 100 % of the accuracy requirements of (DIN EN ISO 15197:2013)

How to use the Accu-Chek Performa blood glucose meter:

Get accurate results in 4 steps:

  • Insert the glucose test strip
  • Prick your finger with the lancet to draw out a blood drop.
  • Carefully touch the blood drop onto the green field of the test strip.
  • Read the blood glucose result.


المواصفات الرئيسية

  • Used with easy-to-handle & fast testing
  • Tiny blood sample
  • Fast results in 5 seconds


  • الموديل: Accu-Chek Active - Black
  • اللون: N-A
  • الخامه الرئيسية: N/A

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ACCU CHEK Active Blood Glucose Monitor - Black

ACCU CHEK Active Blood Glucose Monitor - Black

جنيه 465.50
جنيه 850.0045%
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