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Beko RDNE430K02DX No Frost Refrigerator - 367 Liters - 2 Doors - Stainless Steel

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10 Years Manufacturer Warranty

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مواصفات المنتج


Inspired by nature, powered by light

Vitamins in fruit and veg are no longer lost to refrigeration! HarvestFresh’s 3-color technology mimics the 24-hour sun cycle inside the crisper, preserving vitamins for longer. This unique technology inside your crisper will allow you to enjoy nutritious meals and a healthier lifestyle.

NeoFrost Dual Cooling Technology

Two separate cooling systems that do not transmit odor

It's hard to leave fish in the fridge at the same time as a delicious cake without the flavors mixing. But with NeoFrost Dual Cooling technology, you will get two separate cooling systems for each compartment while maintaining optimal airflow and ideal temperatures in both the fridge and freezer. As a result, the food will stay fresher for a longer period of time without icing or changing its smell.

Active odor filter

Reducing unwanted bacteria and odors

There's nothing worse than opening the refrigerator door when the inside stinks. But thanks to the carbon filter, the Active Odour Filter technology will remove odors and bacteria from the cold air circulating in your refrigerator, thus keeping your food fresh, so whatever you keep in your refrigerator, you do not have to block your nose every time you open the refrigerator.

Reversible Door

The direction of the door is adjustable to fit your kitchen layout

Some kitchen designs include opening the refrigerator doors to one side and not the other. With the Reversible Door technology, the hinges of the door can be placed on both the right and left sides of the refrigerator, so you can choose the side you want your refrigerator to open to. In addition, you can double your cooling capacity by placing two refrigerators side by side with opposite doors.

Safety Glass

Highly durable glass shelves

Don't worry about putting bulky pots in the fridge with Safety Glass technology. Safety Glass shelves are made of tempered glass, which can bear a weight of up to 25 kg. It is also more shatter and scratch resistant than untreated glass, so you can store your heavy supplies without any worries.

Led Illumination light

A clear view from the inside

Sometimes it's hard to see everything in the fridge, especially in the corners or behind the shelves. But Led Illumination offers a series of LED lights at the top of the fridge and on the side of each shelf so you can see everything clearly. It also saves energy for normal lighting.

Vacation mode

Extra energy saving

Let your fridge also enjoy the holidays when you go on a trip, with Vacation Mode you will save energy by turning off the cooled part while leaving the refrigerator in operating mode. You'll keep your food frozen while saving on your electric bill.


المواصفات الرئيسية

  • Cooling Type: No Frost
  • Refrigerator Style: Fridge Freezer
  • Freezer Position: Top
  • Total Capacity In Litres: 367 Liters
  • Water Dispenser: No
  • Digital Display: No
  • Refrigerator Dimensions: 1720x700x655 mm
  • Product Color: Stainless Steel
  • Model: RDNE430K02DX
  • Life Span: 20 Years


  • الموديل: 175003
  • اللون: Silver
  • الخامه الرئيسية: N/A

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Beko RDNE430K02DX No Frost Refrigerator - 367 Liters - 2 Doors - Stainless Steel

Beko RDNE430K02DX No Frost Refrigerator - 367 Liters - 2 Doors - Stainless Steel

28,811.00 جنيه
44,809.00 جنيه36%

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