Casio MTP-1314L-7A Leather Watch - Brown

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The MTP 1314L 7AVDF Casio Men‎'‎s Classic Dial Leather Band Watch is charming timepiece that exudes style‎.‎ The analog watch has a minimalistic design that is easy on the eyes‎.‎ The face of the watch features a prominent dial with large and easy to read Arabic numerals‎.‎ It has 3 analog hands‎,‎ one each for the hour‎,‎ minute and seconds‎.‎ Located at 3 o’clock of this watch is the date display that prominently shows the current date‎.‎ Both the time and the date can be easily changed by a simple turn of the crown of the watch‎.‎ This regular timekeeping watch has an accuracy of 20 seconds per month‎.‎ A rugged mineral glass is used to protect the intricate dial of this wristwatch‎.‎ The sleek‎,‎ silver case and the bezel of this watch sport an ion plating that enhances the visual appeal‎,‎ as well as protects it against the elements‎.‎ Its strap is made of pure‎,‎ 100percent genuine leather that is extremely comfortable‎.‎ The watch is completely resistant to water up to 50m‎.‎

Physical Features

Physical Features


The MTP 1314L 7AVDF Casio Men‎'‎s Classic White Dial Leather Band Watch features a simple to read design that exudes elegance‎.‎ The watch features a bold dial that displays time and the current date‎.‎


The MTP 1314L 7AVDF Casio Men‎'‎s Classic White Dial Leather Band Watch comes with a durable‎,‎ genuine leather strap that is extremely comfortable‎.‎ The case of the dial features ion plating that is pleasing to look at and makes the dial durable‎.‎

Water Resistant

The MTP 1314L 7AVDF Casio Men‎'‎s Classic White Dial Leather Band Watch is water resistant up to a depth of 50m‎.‎ You can wash your hands while wearing this watch‎,‎ without worrying about the timepiece getting damaged by water‎.‎


A tiny SR626SW button cell battery powers the operations of this watch‎.‎ The compact yet powerful battery can keep the watch running for up to three years‎.‎

المواصفات الأساسية
  • Case material‎:‎ Stainless steel
  • Strap material‎:‎ Leather
  • Water resistance‎:‎ 50m
  • Bracelet Length‎:‎ Men‎'‎s standard
  • Size of case‎:‎ 50.0 X 44.9 X 9.4 mm
  • Date display
  • Regular timekeeping
  • Analog‎:‎ 3 hands ‎(‎hour‎,‎ minute‎,‎ second‎)‎
  • Accuracy‎:‎ ±20 seconds per month
  • Approx‎.‎ battery life‎:‎ 3 years on SR626SW
مواصفات ال MTP-1314L-7A Leather Watch - Brown
الخامة الأساسية
Stainless Steel + Leather
Product Warranty
1 Year
Band Material
Case Material
Stainless Steel