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Reading is the food of the soul; it does not only broaden your scoop of knowledge but also enriches your vocabulary. Moreover, English books are full of information that is useful for you in all fields. Jumia offers an amazing online shopping experience by giving you a wide variety of English books at the cheapest price. We have English grammar books, conversation books, English novels and more. We also have English literature books for those who want to study English literature and know more about the culture behind the English. What is more there are many books written specially for children and novels for those who love to create a world of their own and live in it!!. So if you want to buy English books online in Egypt Jumia is the right place to go. Whether you are looking for English books for beginners or for more advanced English books you would find what you want on our online mall

English Books, Wide Variety and Amazing Collection

Jumiaoffers a wide variety of books written by different authors coming from different culture. Each and every culture has its own distinctive features which are expressed through different mentalities, that is why it’s all about variety here in Jumia. In addition, we have bestselling books which help you go further in your life and improve the type of quality life you have. For instance, we have the bestselling book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” which is written by Stephen R. Covey and sold over than 25 million copy all over the world. Also we offer all the new novels and such as J.K Rowling’s novel “Casual Vacancy” and Stieg Larsson’s “ The Girl Who Played with Fire”. And for those of you who want to learn how to do things easily you can check our “Dummies” collection for a more info about anything that could ever cross your mind. And if you want to travel to an exotic new place check our travel guide collection and know where to go in places like Italy, France and Europe. So discover new lives and live in exotic places just by reading an extraordinary book. What is more if you want a fast trip to the world of fanatcy you could easily check our English short stories collection. Instead of downloading English books now you have the chance to buy hard cover English books online